Nov 1, 2012

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Good Investment Opportunity! You Must Keep An Open Mind!

Good Investment Opportunity! You Must Keep An Open Mind!

Week after week, we read about how our Singapore properties are inching up to reach highs. Even the experts are warning of bubble building in our red hot property market. Will it ever cool down? So what is there to buy now in Singapore? While there are still ‘pockets of opportunities’, it is no longer a simple question. It is now getting more risky and would require those with strong holding power to enter the market. For example, I am sitting on more than 1 million profit for the landed house I bought in mid 2009. But it would definitely take much longer for it to make another 1 million.

As it gets more challenging in Singapore, I feel that Singaporeans have to keep an open mind to opportunities around the world. I have invested into various countries across many continents and for now, I would like to share the most recent investment I have gotten into.

The latest investment I have made is in Iskandar! (Johor, Malaysia -in case our foreign friends are wondering)

A few years ago I was quite against the idea of investing in Iskandar as I have observed lots of funds going into Iskandar with no much progress. I have seen some companies trying to market their properties into Singapore at relatively high price, especially the overly rated Danga Bay area. However, in the recent 1 year or so, I can see that there are more tie ups that Singapore has with Malaysia after the KTM exchange program. I believe some of you are aware that Singaporeans can now use your medisave in 12 hospitals refered by Health Management International and Parkway Holdings. You probably have read that Peter Lim, our Singaporean billionaire stock broker and investor, investing into the medical hubs in JB. More importantly, there are concrete plans for our Thomson Line MRT to be linked to JB Central (with stations planed) around 2018 and beyond.

As such, I believe that the doors of collaboration between Singapore and Malaysia have opened up.

I have recently bought into 3 stacks 4 storey shophouses above Taman Sentosa area. These 3 shophouses will come with 12 strata titles upon completion. I believe it is a good deal as the units are going for about RM400psf or S$165psf. This is a far cry from Singapore retail and office units that are easily going for S$2000-S$4000psf. Imagine, these shophouses can operate 24 hours and my tenants can be KFC, MacDonalds or any Coffeeshops that offers high yield.

Anyway, I’m investing for mid term and I believe this project will yield good gains for us. While I believe there are still many opportunities for us as investors to ‘strike gold’, we have to be aware that there are still some developers out there trying to sell to you at future price. In this turbulent global world economy that we are in now, we cannot help but to play safe. So, do yourself a favor by buying into undervalued assets only.

I have just arranged for my participants of Property Riches Program under WK Investment Network to get a hold of some investments in Iskandar area.
I have already negotiated with the developer and secured additional discounts for our network. And best of all, you can put in 10% down but get MUCH more immediately upon completion plus 5 years rental!

I want to thank my network for your trust and continuous support. Cheers to more profits to come!

Wendy Kwek

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