Apr 6, 2014

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More Philippines Property Market Update

More Philippines Property Market Update

Dear readers,

We are pleased to be hosted by Major Homes CEO, COO Mr Mario Oreta and Mr Quinto Oreta and team at the beautiful Balesin island resort in early Feb.  It was indeed an unforgettable experience as the Balesin Island resort has surpassed my expectation, especially after me having visited Boracay island and Palawan island resorts. Balesin Island resort is a for-members-only club and accessible within 20 minutes by plane from Manila.  It is a well-built, thematic resorts that has seven unique villages.  Other than the natural beauty, pristine beaches and very modern facilities, I’m also impressed with the attention to details, quality creation of each thematic villages. The quality selection of cuisines will leave you wanting to come back for more!  This is only made possible by Alphaland’s visionary and billionaire, Mr Roberto OngPin.  His team of people were crucial in helping to make things happen, including Alphaland’s President, Mr Mario Oreta.

Dinner with Alphaland and Major Home CEOs

Dinner at Balesin with Alphaland’s President and Major Home’s CEO

Beautiful Balesin Pool and Pristine Beaches

Balesin Spa Facilities

After a fun-filled trip to the Balesin resort, I visited Alphaland’s office to discuss some upcoming potential projects.  We also visited Major Homes’ offices and also see the model unit of our WK network’s investment into the student accommodation that is located at the university belt area in Manila.

Student Accomm, fully furnished, ensuite with kitchenette

I get to see see how the developer’s company is functioning and met up with the legal department, operations department, engineering team and sales team. I walked away with a peace of mind that everything is running systematically and that our investments are in good hands. What I see is that Major Home is serving a niche whereby there is a lack of quality, condo-styled student accommodation in the densely populated student area. The investors are all keen to own a piece of the property that can generate good yield and more importantly, it is fully furnished, fully managed and freehold at less than S$40,000.  What a value buy!   Property investment is fun and definitely rewarding once you secure the right deals.



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