About Me

I have graduated from the National University Of Singapore with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1992. After working for 3 organisations including a multi-billion dollar M.N.C, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey in year 2000. I have since established successful events and property related businesses and was awarded the Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2004.

I currently head WK Events Pte Ltd and WK Investment Network Pte Ltd together with my husband Joey Poh. I am very passionate about property investments and had since built a sizeable investment portfolio of more than 100 properties in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, U.S.A, U.K, Germany and Brazil. My portfolio include owning private residential properties, mixed development SOHO units, landed properties, commercial properties including shop houses, retail units, F&B outlets, offices, light and heavy industrial properties, hotel investment as well as medical suites.

I like to speak with people to engage and inspire them. My mission is to help average people create extraordinary wealth through property investments. I believe that property investment is one of the best ways for an average person to amass substantial wealth and my goal is to support the investors toward achieving financial freedom. It is well known in the industry that I have formed one of the most powerful investor networks where they synergize and mutually benefit from collaborative deals. I have built my reputation on my ability to source and secure profitable property deals so that my investor network can benefit from the deals.

“You have to take charge of your financial destiny as no one else can do it for you.”

I believe that a proactive approach is essential as many people are facing the challenge of seeing how inflation has eroded their wealth. Property investments are one of the best inflation hedge.

“I also wanted to share with people the business aspects of property investments. Many people buy on hype or are swayed by property launches and glitzy show units when selecting properties. I hope to educate people specific ways of analyzing a deal, understanding the various types of properties that are available for investors and what to look out for before investing. It is important to understand the pitfalls and have specific investment criteria and exit strategies. The key is to maximize returns from every dollar that you invest.

It is my belief that even novice investors can become financially free if they develop street-smart investor mindset and skill sets, understanding the financial and financing aspect of property investments. Most importantly, they need to tap into updated, comprehensive property market information to make decisions. We share this relevant market information so investors are making informed choices.”

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