Apr 9, 2013

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Another Successful Property Riches Program

Another Successful Property Riches Program

Property Riches Program Batch 14


Congratulations to all Property Riches Program batch 14!

What a dynamic group!  We had loads of fun and I would like to thank all our participants for your positive feedback.  This is what keep us going.

We recently held the Property Riches Program at our WK Events office at AXA Tower.  It is a two and half days program which is power-packed with valuable cultivating savvy investor mindset for people who want to create sustainable wealth through property investments. During the program, we have discussed about the latest property cooling measures and how it will affect the property market here in Singapore. We also shared where are the undervalued investments in Singapore across the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.  More importantly, we also identified some undervalued sectors in other parts of the world as well.

We would like to thank our guest speakers who also discussed passionately their predictions on the Singapore property market for the rest of the year and where, in their view, will be the opportunities for investors.

We also shared many real life examples of fantastic deals that we’ve done before and how to structure deals starting with little money down. Besides all these very valuable information that we have disclosed, we also shared how to spot and seize opportunities, how to calculate yields, returns on investment, how to avoid costly mistakes and our formula for building substantial and sustainable wealth.

We have lined up some exciting  deals for our network as this has been our successful  model of finding undervalued deals, bulk discount deals in order to generate good returns to our investor network.

Do look at some of the feedback from this batch of participants:

From: Katherine Kow

“Hi Wendy, Bravo! Thank you very much for everything you and your team have done for us. I have learnt a lot from this program. I am wiser now and I look forward to make more money with little money. Keep up the good work.”

From: Jennifer (of Bangkok)

“Wendy, Thanks so much for teaching me so much during 2 1/2 days. Brought up in a family that we should not borrow any money from banks, we did not managed to maximize our cash properly all our lives. Will start to leverage and start to do the necessary homework each week. Thanks!”

From: Anitha

“To Wendy and her team, Came with an empty mind, and leaving this room with booming and blooming ideas!!!”

From: David S

“To Wendy, I should have attended your seminar earlier… I could easily made one million $ from the knowledge and deals thru your network. Thanks a lot for your effort and guidance.”

From: Sakinah

“Hi Wendy, As a real estate agent, I have surprisingly benefited so much insightful information on property investment. After attending your programme I now have a very much open mind into property investment. I can now declare myself as an investor at just 26 years of age.”

From: Ben

“Dear Wendy, I thought I am quite savvy and courageous investor but after listening to you, I realised that I am not as savvy and courageous. I will open my eyes and learn the way you have taught us to evaluate properties! Thanks.”

From: Zena Kang

“Dear Wendy,

Having started the course with very little and practically no knowledge, I now know so much more to the point where I feel like it’s information overload!!! (which is not a bad thing) More importantly, it has made me more keen and motivated to take my first steps into property investment. So thank you for sowing these seeds of interest. And thank you for all your honest sharing. It was an informative and enjoyable 2 1/2 days.”


Thank you all for your faith, trust and support.

And also, a big thank you to my team members whom have been working extremely hard to ensure that the program run well and is well supported!

You my contact WK Events at +65 62221711 or visit our website to join our free 2-hour seminar at www.wkevents.com.sg


Cheers to abundance!

Wendy Kwek


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  1. Great pointers you listed here. Good luck to your program and I do hope that it will grow more in the future.

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