May 19, 2015

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Create extraordinary moments

Create extraordinary moments

I’m leaving to London right now with over 40 investors to visit the hotel properties we have invested! I’ll be away for a week to tour in Birmingham and London. This shall be a fruitful trip for our investors and for myself.  Shall update the photos when back.

Here is a little tip for those who want to lead an extraordinary life.  You can choose to create extraordinary moments By capturing ‘snapshots’ of happy moments in your mind.  (Rather similar to using a real camera.)

So when you ask me to “recall some magic moments”, I have really many to recount. It does take a conscious effort to practise capturing extraordinary moments intentionally, as we can get caught up with daily challenges, stress and even issues that are beyond out control. Instead of letting issues cloud and occupy your mind space, this strategy can work to create a more harmonious way to life.

In summary, to create a fulfilling life, we can consciously create HAPPY SNAPSHOTS and feel GRATEFUL for a mix of beautiful, fun, exciting and enlightening moments.

Capturing such moments in your hearts and recounting them will make your life feel SUPER AMAZING!  And you will attract more of what you capture in your mind and in your heart.

Have an awesome day![

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