Oct 30, 2013

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Inspiring Entrepreneurial Spirit of Our Youth

Inspiring Entrepreneurial Spirit of Our Youth








Dear Readers,

I’m honored to be invited by Mdm Tong & Mrs Ng from my alma mater, Ang Mo Kio Secondary School, to judge the students’ entrepreneurial business plans presentations yesterday. I can’t believe I was there as a student years ago!

We never had entrepreneur training program during my school days and I’m pleased to see how our schools are now proactively involving students in such practical curriculum.  I was more than happy to able to share some of my personal entrepreneurial experiences. It has been a very fun session as I sit through their presentations that are filled with innovative ideas. It was indeed an eye opening session for me and I’m glad that I can help the students by sharing more ideas to improve on their plans and make the products more marketable and also to have more international appeal. It is wonderful to watch them present and answer my questions professionally.  Congrats for the great job, AMKsians.



I am glad to be able to add value in my own small way and I’m looking forward to go back again as a mentor to the students.


Thank you my alma mater for presenting such a nice piece of art as token of appreciation to me.  I feel blessed.



Wendy Kwek

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