Sep 9, 2013

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Dear readers,

This is a late post but I hope you don’t mind me sharing as well. Earlier in August, we participated in Invest Fair 2013 at Suntec City Convention Singapore. And I had the opportunity to share with other investors my insight on the current Singapore market and why it is very important for us to look into the overseas market to get under-valued deals.

About a year ago, I shared in another expo event about my personal view on the Singapore market that the prices will not always go up and that it is very worrying that a lot of people had this wrong impression. To quote myself, I said: “The worrying part is when I hear many people saying that Singapore market ‘wu ki bo lok’ meaning ‘will only go and never come down’.  That is a wrong perception as those whom have been through several property cycles will know that.  We are subjected to global economic performances.  We are not immune to global weather storms.”

If you are interested to read more about what I said, this was my post:

So now, after a few more cooling measures , the Singapore property market price has stabilized and there has been significant fall in the volume of sales transactions the last few months. We will definitely see more price correction on the properties in the next few months. As fewer buyers are willing to pay for the price of the available properties, and more and more properties become available in the market… now it is already a “buyer’s market”. Then it will be good to go into the Singapore market again very soon.

Here are some of our pictures during the Invest Fair Singapore 2013:

During my sharing session


A fully packed seminar room

Our very supportive network members visiting us in our booth


My lovely ladies supporting during the event



Wendy Kwek

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  1. Congrats!. I hope you could do events for students and real estate brokers also.

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