Sep 6, 2012

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Investors Beware -Turn Of The Tides

Fellow investors…Beware! Buyers’ remorse are getting more apparent. We are seeing larger number of people than usual walking away from their Options To Purchase, thereby foregoing part of their deposits. 185 units foregone in May and 111 in June 2012. URA stats show that 6762 units that were launched were unsold in 2nd Quarter this year. With the facts of more supplies coming to fruition in the residential sector, including HDB, Exec Condos, Private residential units, I’ll be steering clear from the residential sector for the time being, even as property prices are still hitting new highs. I reckon that 2013 and 2014 would present better time for cherry picking good deals in the this sector (across various sectors fm mid to higher end). I could be wrong but then, who knows, I could be right too! We shall see..

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  1. Don’t worry we get all the types of precautions needed,we really hope that 2013 will be a cherry picking good deals in this sector too.

  2. It’s real estate, there are highs and lows. I’m not getting as much information as I would think one should get from an article of this nature. Do some more research and keep at it, most of the writing and facts are well thought out and translate correctly.

  3. It has been said for last few years that the worst part of the world economy has been passed and a new sunrise is waiting for us with the hope of a better future. But it has not happened yet. For the investors, there is nothing to have left but wishing for the best time. So, when a rumor grows up, investors become frustrated and do many things unexpected.

  4. Though the property investment sector is not performing well at present yet it is predicted that in the next couple of years it will pick up, I still believe it does not really matter for as long as you observe the investment principle of not putting all your eggs in one basket. This is where the beauty of diversification is appreciated and valued. A balanced portfolio is the key to having stable returns.

  5. Adnan S. Jatt says:

    In real estate sector prices do fall and rise . For the last 50 years, the currency value is deteriorating, but the value of gold is the same for this span of time. Similarly, the prices of real estate depends on supply and demand. The more buyers, and less land, higher the prices. Lows and highs are part of the investment regime, so we should always spread our investments in more than one sectors, hence our precious assets remain much safer.

  6. It has been observed for last few years that the market is fluctuating every now and then. So in this case investors should be very careful in investing on anything. I must give thanks to the writer Wendy Kwek that she is always by our side to help us. Advises that I got from reading her articles was very very helpful for me. I should suggest all the investors to read the articles and of course they would be benefited.

  7. Hopefully the market will improve in the next couple of years. We will have to wait and see what it does. It’s always good to do as much research as you can and watch the trends before jumping into any kind of large investment.

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