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Property Riches Program


I would like to invite you to our FREE 2-hour Property Riches Seminar that is worth $380.  Find out for yourself how to become a savvy property investor. The possibilities for you to become rich through property investment is endless provided you take action.

Here is a quick assessment to see if we can be of value add to you in at least one of these areas.

  1. Would you like to find out how average people make millions through property investment, some starting with little or no money down? We have real life case studies to share with you.  In fact, many millionaires here credit their property portfolio for their amazing growth in wealth.
  2. Would you like to find out how to sift out good property deals and avoid costly mistakes?  It is important to have clear strategies and understand how to do market research before entering into the market as it can be costly without the right knowledge.
  3. Would you like to have your money work harder for you?  Learn how to create passive income so that your investment works hard for you.
  4. Would you like to join a powerful property investor network? There will always be good deals to be shared and remember you will learn more by tapping into other people’s experiences.  Robert Kiyosaki said ‘the rich network, the poor just work’.  We believe our investment network is one of the most powerful network  that you would have encountered.
  5. Would you like to get property updates and also be able to assess deals?

If you have passion for creating wealth through properties and leaving behind a legacy, this program might just be what you are looking for!

Gain insights of what we will be sharing in the actual 3 Day Property Riches Program.

In the actual 3-day Property Riches Program, you will :

    • Learn from real life case studies of how Successful Property Investors Profit From Various Types Of Properties
    • To Unlock the Secrets of Highly Successful property investors.  Discover the mindset and skill set you can develop to see real results
    • Learn not just rely on What the Real Estate Agents or Developers present to you but to  learn how to carefully Research the Deal before Entering the Market.  Do not be sold into a deal.  Get into a Deal that will make money for you right from the beginning.
    • Learn about the current Property Rulings and how to Overcome These Rulings Legally
    • Where the Investment Opportunities are right now and where to find them
    • How to sift out the 5% Great deals amongst all the 95% Average and Lousy Deals
    • How to find Under Valued Properties Where You Make Money When You Buy
    • Why you should not fall in love with the property but to fall in love with the numbers.
    • Learn how to analyse the property deals and also the numbers
    • How to increase your credit rating with the banks and own as many properties as you want
    • Learn how to avoid costly mistakes that have bankrupted some property buyers
    • Understand the various types of property investment opportunities available for novice as well as for savvy investors
    • Find Out How We Can Help Average People Generate Wealth Through Property Investment.
    • Find Out How You Can Start Small and Grow Your Investment Steadily
    • Learn the Strategies Of How The Rich Get Richer
    • Why you have to take charge of your own wealth creation journey
    • How to create Passive income and profit from solid capital gains
    • How to prevent downside risks and conduct proper due diligence
    • How to add value to your property to increase the value of your property and rental yields.
    • How to have better tenant management and selection
    • How to tap into a system for market research before entering a deal
    • Creative ways of owning properties with little or no money down
    • Find out How to Tap into a powerful property investor network get involved hands on into collaborative deals

To register for our FREE 2-hour Property Riches Program Seminar, click here or call us at 6222 1711.

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