Jun 11, 2022

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Robin Sharma 20-20-20 Formula

Robin Sharma 20-20-20 Formula: Practice That Will Change Your Life

Robin Sharma is a Canadian writer and one of the world’s best experts on leadership, productivity and personal development.

He proposed a formula for personal effectiveness – a simple 20-20-20 technique that will help increase performance and improve quality of life. Sharma has been using this formula for many years and admits that it “radically changed his life.”

The essence of the 20-20-20 morning formula is to devote the first hour after waking up exclusively to yourself.

Robin Sharma calls it “the holy hour”. At this time, you do not watch the news, do not check your mail and social networks, but feed your inner life.

You divide this first hour after waking up into three stages – 20 minutes each.

Stage one – movement

The first 20 minutes after waking up, you devote to active movement. It can be any physical activity – running, yoga, swimming, jumping rope. You move to the point of sweating.

According to John Reidy, a Harvard University professor, if you sweat within 20 minutes of waking up, your brain’s neurotrophic factor, a protein that repairs damaged cells, is processed, Sharma says.

During this time, the body produces dopamine – special chemicals in the brain, as a result of which you feel a surge of strength and inspiration. Also, the hormone of happiness serotonin is produced and the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, decreases.

Stage two – diary

For the second 20 minutes, you think and write in a diary, make a gratitude list, you think and look inside yourself, write out the plan of your ideal day.

“I call this making a gratitude list or a preliminary script for the day, for which you can then say “thank you” to yourself. Your day is your life in miniature, and by living this day, you are building your life,” says Robin Sharma.

Stage three – learning

You devote the last 20 minutes of this hour to learning. 20 minutes before the active start of the day, you can listen to a podcast, take part of the course, read a book – do something that contributes to personal development.

“One of the best areas to invest in is learning. The more you know, the more you can do. You make a dramatic difference when you devote time to learning, not entertainment,” Sharma explains.

The greatest geniuses are no more talented than ordinary people. They just know more about planning and goal setting.

Note that it is also very important to find and maintain an optimal balance between work and leisure, career and family, and prioritize correctly.

source : vitaguru.co

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