Apr 1, 2013

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Singapore SMART Expo 2013 Panel Discussion: Overseas Property

During the two day SMART Expo at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, I was able to participate in a panel discussion with Graham Bibby (CEO of Southeast Capital) and discuss about overseas property investing. The crowd response during that day was great and their interest on property investments was amazing. Here are some of the video clips of the question and answer portion of the panel discussion.

Video clip #1:
After the panel have discussed their preferred countries for investment, a question from one of the audience was directed to me regarding my view on investing in properties in China and other Asian countries. Why am I very stringent in investing in overseas properties? It’s because of leverage.



Video clip#2:
A question regarding the panel’s views on “under-valued properties in the US”. How do I view under-valued properties in general and the economic situation in the US?



Video clip #3:
A very good question from one of the audience, asking about my risk management strategy on property investments. My question is: What is your risk propensity? A few things to consider such as your age and knowledge as well.



I hope by watching the videos you have managed to learn something from it as well.




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