Feb 27, 2014

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Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year Celebration







Dear Friends,

WK Events celebrated the Chinese New Year with around 800 of our investors with the Ang Bao event, sponsored by developer Silverton Global.  Each of our visiting investor received an auspicious red packet with real cash as a blessing and you can see how happy they are.

During the events, we opened up the opportunity for project in the UK, under our real estate company, Real Centre Consultants.  This project is situated right next to a major train interchange, in Crewe Arms.


This is an existing commercial hotel property, that is currently producing yield of around 7% nett.  It was bought over by the developer without a hotel brand name.  What the developer does is to strata title the property as 999 year leasehold and allow investors to own a unit to collect passive income.

How the developer add value is to go through a collaboration process to bring in one of the world’s largest brand Best Western, an established hotel operator and refurbish the hotel to increase rental income for investors to at least a double digit net returns per year.  With double digit net returns, it is easier for investors to exit with good capital gains.

Like I have always said, it is important to learn how to evaluate a property deal from a business perspective in order to decide if it is a good deal.



Ms Wendy Kwek


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