Jun 11, 2022

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“A life transformed, transforms others.” Wendy Kwek

At the core of our existence is a calling for our own soul evolution, for us to evolve into a better version of ourselves.

It is a pull towards breaking through of our current struggles and living in the flow as we align ourselves to a bigger purpose.

Most people are held back from living their potential as they either ‘live in the past’ filled that is filled with lack, guilt and resentments or ‘living in a projected future” filled anxiety and helplessness.

As we journey each day, just by consciously injecting positivity, gratitude and learning from inspiring materials. It can help us start to transform our thoughts, emotions and action into creating a better future.

Let’s get to the basics .

Tony Robbins always emphasize that “the quality of questions will determine the quality of your life.”

Take time to breathe slowly, calmly and ask empowering questions like

“What are some of the simple ways that I can of service to others.”

“What are some of the knowledge, skills or experience that I have that can use help others in their journey of growth either physically, mentally, emotionally, financially or spiritually.”

“Who can I learn from? What do I enjoy learning?”

“Which speaker, books or inspiring programs can help me grow?”

“What area of my life do I improve myself, improving just 1% a day, to be a better version of myself.”

Each time you think from possibilities, to grow personally, to be of service to others, you will access a world of unlimited potentiality. Reach out, connect, support and start taking action that will transform you and the people around you in a positive way.

If you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts or watching toxic content online/ TV or engaging in things that just do not support your personal growth, gently pull yourself away and take action that will uplift yourself and others.

Make this as a conscious choice until it becomes your subconscious way of living a healthier, more prosperous and happy life!

Have fun and enjoy the journey of transformation.

Remember “A life transformed, transforms others.” Wendy Kwek

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